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Logistics infrastructure

Kitakyushu Airport

The only 24-hour artificial island airport in Kyushu

Kitakyushu Airport is the only 24-hour artificial island airport in Kyushu. It is possible to freight cargo early in the morning or late at night. As the base for air cargo in the Kyushu and West Chugoku regions, it supports creating new business opportunities.

Regular International Cargo Flight

Nihon Cargo Airlines (NCA) operates regular international cargo flights. It is the only special purpose large-scale regular service in Kyushu and can cope with large size or large quantity cargo. Cargo can be transferred at Narita International Airport the same day or next morning for a destination in Europe, Americas, or East Asia.

DayFlight No.RouteAircraft
SundayKZ842Taoyuan, Taiwan → Kitakyushu → NaritaB747

Regular International Cargo Flight

Domestic Flights

Passenger flights (STARFLYER and JAL) are operated from early morning to midnight and also offer belly cargo service.

International Cargo Charter Flights

International cargo charter flights operate as frequently as more than once a month. These charter flights connect to various airlines’ hub airports and can distribute cargo around the world.

Commissioned airlines/Atlas Air, Korean Air, Singapore Air, Malaysian Airlines, etc.

Sea & Air

The airport island has vertical walls allowing for shipping by sea and air. This is convenient for large cargo that would be difficult to transport on land.

Strong CIQ System

Kitakyushu Airport is designated as customs, quarantine, animal and plant quarantine airport, and it can handle all import/export cargo such as food and industrial goods. There are animal quarantine facilities in the neighborhood, and it is also suitable for the transportation of living animals.