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Kitakyushu – A city where stability of operation is possible

'Monozukuri (manufacturing) in Kitakyushu' started when the government-owned iron manufacturing plant 'Yawata Steel Works' was decided to be built in the Yawata district of Kitakyushu City. This location was chosen because of its outstanding geographical location that has a low rate of natural disasters such as earthquakes. It was also an easy location to obtain coal from Chikuho Mine and iron ore from China.
After that, in Kitakyushu, companies such as Sumitomo Metal Mining, Hitachi Metals Industries, Krosaki Harima, TOTO, AGC ASAHI GLASS, Mitsubishi Chemical, YASKAWA Electric Corporation, and Mitsui High-tec lead the industrial side of the nation's high economic growth. In recent years, using the know-how of material industries, there are corporations accumulating in the area such as mechanical and metal processing productions, auto industries and environmental energy industries.

Ideal for BCP (Business Continuity Planning)
Low Disaster Risk Area "Kitakyushu City"

The positioning of the tectonic plates around Japan

Located far away from the boundary of tectonic plates (Nankai Trough) the danger of a large-scale disaster occurring even in the event of an earthquake is low.

Kitakyushu, A city with a low disaster risk

Main tsunamis that have occurred in Japan and its surrounding waters (684 to present).