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About Kitakyushu city

'Monozukuri (manufacturing)' ·
Automobile Manufacturers

A City of Manufacturing

Developed as a base for Japanese industry for over 115 years, Kitakyushu has accumulated highly advanced industries such as automobiles, semiconductors, material, and parts. Recently, the city is also attracting industries relating to the environment and energy.

Kitakyushu City Surrounded by Automobile Manufacturers

Manufacturing plants of Japanese representatives of the automobile industry are located surrounding Kitakyushu City. Your business will also benefit from the variety of other industries which have integrated into the largest industrial area in Kyushu.

Changes in Northern Kyushu vehicle production volume

Next Generation Automobiles/Lightweight Parts Development Group started in August 2014 (Parts Net Kitakyushu Project)

Focusing on miniaturization and weight reduction of parts that contribute to the environmental performance of automobiles, we invite lecturers from the car and parts manufacturers and hold study sessions and inspect advanced regions.