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Investment environment in Kitakyushu
Abundant industrial land


Marina Cross Shinmoji
[Shinmoji Area]

A distribution base that fully utilizes a combination of sea, land, and air transport

Located at the northernmost tip of Kyushu, Marina Cross Shinmoji is one of the leading logistics parks in Kyushu. Its location of 5 minutes to the expressway provides easy access not only to Kyushu but also enables optimal distribution to the Chugoku region.
In addition, the park contains the largest ferry terminal in western Japan and realizes environmentally friendly distribution to the Kanto and Kansai regions. Currently, the park is a location of logistic bases of more than 90 companies including Toyota Motor. After the opening of the Higashikyushu Expressway, the ease of connecting with Honshu and Kyushu has improved, and the number of companies establishing their logistic bases here is increasing rapidly.

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Site Overview

Location1-chome, 2-chome, and 3-chome Shinmoji Kita, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu
AreaApprox. 244,900 ㎡
Application PeriodAccepted at any time
SubdivisionCommercial Port
Land DesignationSub-industrial Area
Building Coverage and Volume RatioBuild ratio 60%
Volume ratio of land 200%
InfrastructureWater supplyWaterworks
WastewaterMain Water Treatment: Individual Companies
Drainage Outlet: Seto Inland Sea
Power/ElectricitySpecial Item pressure wire (66 kv) has already been laid (up to the entrance of the establishment site)
Normal high voltage line (6 kv) has already been laid

Land Lot and Area

110,700 ㎡
29,300 ㎡
336,500 ㎡
430,200 ㎡
5124,000 ㎡
618,200 ㎡
716,000 ㎡

*The above lots may be divided. Please ask us for details.

Lot Price as of 2017

Lot 1 - 6: From 20,000 yen/㎡ to 25,800 yen/㎡
*May differ depending on the subdivision. Please contact us for details.

Lot 7: Asphalted
*Please contact us for the price.

Distance to Marina Cross Shinmoji from:
Shinmoji Interchange2 km (5 mins)
Moji Interchange5 km (8 mins)
City Expressway Osato Ramp5 km (8 mins)
JR Moji Station6 km (10 mins)
JR Kokura Station12 km (20 min)
Kitakyushu Freight Terminal Station8 km (15 mins)
Tachinoura Container Terminal10 km (16 mins)
Kitakyushu Airport20 km (35 mins)

*( ) shows time by car