Invest Kitakyushu

Investment environment in Kitakyushu
Abundant industrial land


Kitakyushu Science and Research Park

A base for research and development of multiple sciences and engineering universities and research institutions

A large-scale research and development base predominantly for universities, research institutes, industry-university collaboration facilities, etc. suitable for industry research and development and as a demonstration field for industries such as automobiles, robotics, and semiconductors.

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Site Overview

LocationHibiki no Kita, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
AreaApprox. 25 ha
Land DesignationSub-industrial (district planning)
Building CoverageBuild ratio 60%, Volume ratio of land 200%
InfrastructureWater supplyWaterworks
WastewaterSewerage system
Power/ElectricityKyushu Electric Power Co., Ltd.
GasCity gas supply area

Land Lot and Area

1Approx. 6ha
2Approx. 7,900 ㎡
3Approx. 3,000 ㎡
4Approx. 7,400 ㎡
5Approx. 1,000 ㎡
6Approx. 1 ha
7Approx. 16 ha
Price of Lot

As per consultation