Invest Kitakyushu

Investment environment in Kitakyushu
Logistics infrastructure

The Best Location

Asian countries with remarkable economic growth are attracting a lot of attention from companies all over the world. The position of Kitakyushu with those Asian countries can be seen on the map below. It is in the best location to cater for the Asian market as a production and logistics center.

Basic Data of the City (Jan. 1, 2018)

Number of households428,798
Temperature (yearly average)16.7℃
Annual rainfall1,604.0㎜
SourceJapan Meteorological Agency

  • Within Asia, Kitakyushu is located near the midpoint between Tokyo and Shanghai
  • Approximately 1,000km to Shanghai and the same distance to Tokyo
  • 230 km to Busan which is closer than Osaka