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Robot Introduction Support Business <service>

We support local companies improve productivity and enhance manufacturing capabilities.

Industrial robot introduction support center

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Kitakyushu City industrial robot introduction support subsidy

(Subsidies to support small and medium-sized enterprises to improve productivity by introducing industrial robots)

Eligible Businesses: Businesses in Kitakyushu City that would improve its productivity by introducing industrial robots.

Eligible Corporations: Small and medium-sized enterprises in Kitakyushu city.

Subsidy Content:

  • Maximum subsidy: 5 million yen/case
  • Subsidy Rate: Within 50%
  • Subsidized Expenses: Expenses for the introduction of manufacturing line robot installation (including shipping and installation) and incidental costs (cost for training and technical guidance to operate the robot).

The lowest industrial water rates of any ordinance-designated city <incentive>

Affordable industrial water will support all enterprises

The introduction of a two-price system.

  • Changed from a water usage amount liability system to a two price system.

Implementation of decrease in cost

  • Implementation of the most cost effective industrial water service among all the government ordinance cities.
Contracted Water QuantityBefore RevisionAfter Revision
[¥19.5 basic charge] +
[¥4 basic usage charge]
[¥34 basic charge] +
[¥4 basic usage charge]

The price is tax excluded per 1m³ a day

Calculation Method


Basic charge × Contracted water quantity (1-month)


Basic usage charge × Basic water usage volume (1-month)

  × consumption tax
  • Fee and fee structure were revised in April 2014.


Water and sewerage
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