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Investment environment in Kitakyushu
Logistics infrastructure

Extensive Logistics Infrastructure

Kitakyushu is the connection point of Honshu and Kyushu and has developed a land access network extending in three directions to Honshu, East Kyushu, and West Kyushu. The extensive air, sea, and land logistics infrastructure include two container terminals that face the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan, as well as various port facilities catering to RORO ferries and conventional vessels such as a 24-hour operable maritime airport and rail freight terminal. Complex integrated transport such as Sea & Sea, Sea & Rail, Sea & Air is also available as all transport modes can be catered.

National and International Composite Logistics Base.

While taking advantage of areas opened to Asia, supports a variety of business through a highly effective distribution network.

Moji (Tachinoura) Container Terminal

1Moji (Tachinoura) Container Terminal

A prominent container terminal in West Japan known around the world for many years as PORT MOJI. The port strives to provide a fulfilling logistics service as a gateway to Asia utilizing its rich route network and geographical advantage.
Hibiki Container Terminal

2Hibiki Container Terminal

Began operations in 2005 and is a high-standard terminal with a deep water quay (-15 m) that Post-Panamax type large container ships can enter. The vast industrial land behind is quickly becoming a location of logistics facilities and factories.
Kokura RORO Terminal

3Kokura RORO Terminal

Kokura RORO Terminal has an international regular RORO services to Busan New Port 6 times a week. (Camellia Line)
Tanoura RORO Terminal

4Tanoura RORO Terminal

With a storage capability of approximately 2,000 automobiles, it is used as an export base for used cars and as a port of call for pure car carriers (PCC) predominantly to Oceania and Caribbean. It is also used as an international transport base of precision equipment by RORO ships.
Kokura (Asano) Ferry Terminal

5Kokura (Asano) Ferry Terminal

It has excellent convenience near the city center and with good access to JR. Daily services to Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture).
Shinmoji Ferry Terminal

6Shinmoji Ferry Terminal

As one of the largest ferry bases in Western Japan and due to its 4 services daily to Osaka/Kobe, one daily service to Tokyo and Tokushima, and 7 RORO services per week to Nagoya, it is possible to transport to high consumption areas frequently.
Kitakyushu Freight Terminal Station

7Kitakyushu Freight Terminal Station

A railway freight station with the latest equipment, and base of rail transportation connecting stations all over Japan. The introduction of the Effective and Speedy Container Handling (E&S) method, where loading and unloading take place directly on platforms on main tracks, has made time reduction possible.
Kitakyushu Airport

8Kitakyushu Airport

The airport is situated on an artificial island and can operate 24 hours a day. Utilizing the convenience of 24-hour operation domestic and international freight can be accepted regardless of the time.