Invest Kitakyushu

The Best Location
Asian countries with remarkable economic growth are attracting a lot of attention from companies all over the world.
The position of Kitakyushu with those Asian countries can be seen on the map below.
It is in the best location to cater for the Asian market as a production and logistics center.

Large Scale Industrial Lands
Starting New Business

By combining logistics infrastructure of land, sea, and sky,
you can secure various means of distribution and
enjoy one-stop support from the city when establishing a business here.

One-Stop Government
Back-up <service>

Kitakyushu City independently offers a one-stop support for
administrative procedures related to business launches.
*Follow-up support such as liaison and coordination meetings with
relevant departments are held as per each customer's needs.

About Invest Kitakyushu

This home page is an information site that supports enterprises that are thinking of making inroads into Kitakyushu City from overseas.
There is a collection of information to let people know what business opportunities are in Kitakyushu.
We hope the enterprises that see this homepage will take an interest and will want to come to Kitakyushu.

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