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Kitakyushu Airport

The only 24-hour artificial island airport in Kyushu

Kitakyushu Airport is the only 24-hour artificial island airport in Kyushu. It is possible to freight cargo early in the morning or late at night. As the base for air cargo in the Kyushu and West Chugoku regions, it supports creating new business opportunities.

Regular International Cargo Flight

Photo by : ANA Cargo

ANA Cargo operates the only regular international cargo flights in Kyushu. Departing from Kitakyushu Airport at midnight, it arrives in 4 major cities in Asia early in the morning via Naha Airport(Okinawa Cargo Hub). The cargo aircraft gives you an exclusive freight service that enables you to have special cargo and large cargo.

DayMonday ~ Friday
RouteKitakyushu → Naha → 4 cities in Asia

ANA Cargo Okinawa cargo hub network

Domestic Flights

Passenger flights (STARFLYER and JAL) are operated from early morning to midnight and also offer belly cargo service.
STARFLYER can also transfer international cargo.

International Cargo Charter Flights

International cargo charter flights operate as frequently as more than once a month. These charter flights connect to various airlines’ hub airports and can distribute cargo around the world.

Commissioned airlines/Nihon Cargo Airlines, Atlas Air, Singapore Air, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Korean Air, etc.

An Apron Dedicated to Large-cargo Transportation

Kitakyushu Airport is the only airport in Kyushu with an apron dedicated to large-cargo transportation. With a wide space for cargo work in the front, this apron enables long, large-sized cargo to be loaded into, and unloaded from aircrafts through their nose cargo doors.