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Government Support

One-Stop Government Back-up <service>

One-Stop Government Back-up service

A variety of Government Assistance

(Consultation on management, fund procurement, entrepreneurship, research and development, business entry, recruitment, etc.)

Kitakyushu City's One-Stop System

Kitakyushu City independently offers a one-stop support for administrative procedures related to business launches.
*Follow-up support such as liaison and coordination meetings with relevant departments are held as per each customer's needs.

Administrative procedures managed in Kitakyushu City (almost all authorization is possible in Kitakyushu City)

Examples of Major Authorization Procedures
Building Standards ActKitakyushu City Single License Approval
Fire Services ActConsent from the Kitakyushu City Fire and Disaster Management Bureau
Air Pollution Control LawKitakyushu City Approval and Authorization
Water Quality Pollution Control ActKitakyushu City Approval and Authorization
Noise Regulation ActKitakyushu City Approval and Authorization
Noise and Vibration Regulation ActKitakyushu City Approval and Authorization
Factory Location ActNotify Kitakyushu City (In some green areas the coverage ratio is 5% lower than the ordinance). Please contact us individually for offsite green areas

Continued support in various ways such as securing employees and business promotion even after location