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Abundant industrial land


Corporate public industrial park model project

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Kurosaki Plant Site

The company and the local government worked together to develop the unused land inside the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Kurosaki Plant Site as a corporate public industrial park model project since 2012 to offer it as a public industrial park. By having the substantial infrastructure and supplying basic chemicals, they are reducing initial investment cost and running cost, therefore, offering help for incoming companies.

Industrial Gas Production Facility
Industrial Gas Production Facility


Coal Power Plant
Coal Power Plant

Site Overview
Land OwnerMitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Location1-1 Kurosaki Shiroishi, Yahata-nishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
Outstanding Infrastructure
Power/ElectricityIn-house power generation (coal-fired power generation), power purchase (Kyushu Electric Power Co.)
SteamHigh/middle/low pressure
Water SupplyIndustrial water (Kitakyushu city, private water), water supply, etc.
Industrial GasNitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
WastewaterActivated sludge treatment
Industrial WasteIncineration, etc.
Logistics Infrastructure
Wharf Pier2 wharves (largest: maximum deadweight tonnage 13,500 t, draft 8.4 m)
7 piers (loading and unloading of dangerous goods permitted, loading arm)
Truck Weighing Scale3 units (Weighing 50 t, Platform 3 m × 15 m)
Truck Service Entrance3 places (access controlled by card)
Container YardRail transport available in 5 ton containers
Provision of Basic Chemicals
Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, methanol, ammonia, caustic soda, oxygen/nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas